The Perfect Wedding Dress Silhouette

Naturally, every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day,
so they spend a long time looking for the perfect dress.
The fact there are so many different types of gowns available is a good thing.
But, it also means that it can be difficult for a bride-to-be to know where to start,
which is why we have decided to write this piece.

Start with the shape

The first step is to work out which shapes are right for you. Doing this will narrow down your options, and make the process of shopping for a wedding gown much easier. To help you to do this we have listed below the main shapes with guidance you can use to determine which is likely to be right for your build and body type.


Most A-line dresses feature a fitted bodice with an A shaped skirt. They are full length and suit all body types.



Modified A-line

The modified A-line looks very similar, but the skirt fits a little closer than the classic cut described above. Again, it works well for all shapes and sizes.

Modified A-Line

Modified A-Line

Ball gown

If you want to look like a fairy tale princess this style of dress could be exactly what you are looking for. The bodice fits tightly, and the full skirt flairs out from the waist.This cut is particularly good for those with a pear-shaped figure, but works well for most body types. However, if you are petite it is hard to find a design that does not overwhelm your frame.

Ball Gown Dress

Ball Gown Dress


Another classic cut is the mermaid. This style of dress hugs the body down to the knees then flares out into a fishtail. These dresses flatter an hourglass figure, and work well for curvy brides. However, it does not work well for apple shaped women or plus size brides




The sheath is a narrow cut that flows seamlessly from the neckline and flares out near the hem. If you are rail thin this is a fantastic cut, but it also works well for an hourglass figure or brides that are carrying a little extra weight.

Sheath Dress

Sheath Dress


The trumpet cut is similar in some ways to a mermaid dress. It fits the body all the way to the mid-thigh from which point the skirt flairs. This looks wonderful on petite brides, and those with an hourglass figure. However, it accentuates the stomach and hip area, so if you are pear or apple shaped this is not a good cut for you.

Trumpet Wedding Gown

Trumpet Wedding Gown

Using the information above you can quickly work out what cuts are likely to work best for you and focus your search on those. You can get advice about identifying your body shape by going here.

Where to shop

If you are looking for a wedding dress Leeds is a great place to start your search. This city, like so many other cities, is home to numerous bridal shops, which makes it easy for you to shop around and try on different cuts and styles.

What kind of a Wedding Dress are you opting for? Let us know :)

Any tips to share with us? leave a comment :)

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Date: October 17, 2016

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