Grooms want to Plan too!

Author Renee Krejci

Grooms Part in Wedding Planning

Grooms Part in Wedding Planning

Grooms are increasingly becoming more and more involved in planning weddings with their brides. Grooms want to feel important too. After all, it IS his day too. How can we positively handle grooms wanting to be part of the planning process? Well, here’s some good tips to make the planning process a positive experience with the groom involved.

  • Allow him to handle anything involving the groomsmen.
    1. Let him choose the tuxes or formal wear for the groomsmen
    2. Allow him to handle the gifts for the groomsmen.
  • Allow him to come to tastings for cake and food
  • Allow him to have a groom’s cake that he can choose the flavor and style
  • Allow him to help pick songs you want played.
  • Allow him to handle his own family, his mother, his guest list
  • Allow him to handle transportation such as a limo or vintage care etc.
  • Allow him to handle the honeymoon planning
  • Allow him to help with the registry. You can have fun together with picking items for your home.

If your groom doesn’t want to be part of the planning, then you probably don’t have a lot to worry about. You can carry on and plan the way you have.

If your groom wants to be part of the planning, allow him to. He wants to be needed. He doesn’t want to be forgotten about. He deserves some of the focus on him. He doesn’t want to be left out. And, to be honest, some of those things it’s nice to hand off to someone else to handle. That makes a little less stress on you. Embrace your groom being part of this special time in your life. It’s a good sign. Enjoy the planning process together.

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 Author Renee Krejci is a wedding planner and owner of RCK Weddings & Design, LLC.  She has been planning, designing and coordinating weddings and events for 14 years. She is a wife and mother of 2 living in Virginia. Renee was a DIY bride and loves giving tips and ideas to aid the DIY bride.


Did YOU Get Engaged over Christmas or New Year? Congratulations! Read on for ‘The First 4x Steps’ YOU Must Now Take…

Author Kerry Jackson-Rider 


Many congratulations if you got engaged over the holidays! I am sure
you are super excited and keen to tell all your friends and family. The
next thing excited Brides to Be tend to do is to head straight for the
internet and start to Google every conceivable element of décor,
favors, bridal gowns, shoes, hairstyles….. they start to create
hundreds of pages of ‘mood boards’ and frantically pin everything that
pops up on Pinterest. This is all good fun and may be useful in the
long run BUT my advice to you would simply be to SLOW down…. there I
said it! Don’t go off at a tangent before you have taken the time to
really consider the most important pre-planning stages of your wedding
with your fiance and your parents if they are helping you with the
budget and therefore will be having quite a big say in how your Wedding
day will take shape. It is really important that you sit down together
and carefully consider the following four steps which will provide you
with a strong foundation and shape the way your wedding planning moves

Budget Wedding Ideas

Budget Wedding Ideas


1. Work Out Your Budget.
You must first of all work out how much you can afford to spend and
then agree what you actually WANT to spend on your wedding – the two
may not be the same amount at all. Let’s say you agree you want to
spend a maximum of $30,000 as a guideline you would then estimate your budget spend as follows:

  1. Ceremony, venues, food & beverages, wedding cake (50%) $15,000
  2. Photographer/ Videographer (10%) $ 3,000
  3. Florals (5%) $ 1,500
  4. Bridal party attire, shoes, accessories, wedding rings (15%) $ 4,500
  5. Décor, theme, lighting (5%) $ 1,500
  6. Entertainment (5%) $ 1,500
  7. Stationery, favors, other extras (10%) $ 3,000

Of course this is only a guideline and starting point as every couple
will have their own priorities and areas where they are happy to
‘splurge’ or ‘save’.

Budget Wedding Ideas

Budget Wedding Ideas

2. Your Guest List/ Number of Guests.
Sit down together and draw up a draft guest list – this will give you 
an immediate idea of the numbers you will be accommodating both in 
terms of the ceremony, the reception and, if you have guests who are 
traveling for the wedding, the quantity of accommodation you will need 
to be able to access and book. Aside: I have had a couple who booked a 
venue they liked on a whim, and paid out a sizable deposit, before 
realizing that they had 100 or so traveling guests and there was 
nowhere in the locality for them all to stay...... trust me, you really 
don't want to be in that position. Remember guests means expense so, 
unless you have a limitless budget, keep your numbers as low as 
possible. Estimate your expense at $100 per guest, again a guideline 
but a good starting point, so that 100 guests = $10,000 representing 
50% of your budget for ceremony, venues, food & beverages and wedding 
cake. So if your budget is $20,000 this is do-able.

3. Choose a Date.
Most couples will have a special date in mind for their wedding i.e. The 
date they first met, their engagement date or other personal 
anniversary. Consider also seasonality implications for venues, 
churches, flights etc. including public and religious holidays. Many 
couples choose Summer weddings which are great especially if you want 
an outdoor, festival or marquee wedding. Winter weddings are also 
stunning and it really depends on what your VISION for your wedding is 
– whether it's strapless flowing dresses with bright floral displays 
and your guests basking in the sun whilst drinking Pimms through a 
candy striped straw OR if you prefer the cozy atmosphere of big fires, 
candles, lanterns and furs to keep your guests snuggly whilst drinking 
mulled wine around a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.


4. Choose your Location and Venues for your Ceremony & Reception.
Consider where you would like to hold your wedding and the 
practicalities of doing so. Many couples hold their ceremony at the 
family church or the local register office. Some couples prefer to hold 
both the ceremony and reception in a nice hotel where most of the 
guests can stay and where everything is accessible. This is certainly 
the way to get the best value for your money as most things you will 
need are already in place including staffing, furniture, linens, table 
top, entertainment, accommodation etc. You may choose to get married 
local to either one of your families or somewhere quite different. Many 
couples choose to have a Destination Wedding as this can often be more 
cost-effective  and is a great compromise if you have family and 
friends traveling from around the world.
Top Tip: Before booking a venue always check that your date is 
available with your church or register office for your ceremony even if 
you are having a civil ceremony in a hotel
as the Registrar has to be booked by you and not the hotel.  Always 
provisionally book or hold things for a couple of days while you tie 
both elements together.

 Do you have any ideas to  to share? Let us know in your comments.

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Author Kerry is the founder and owner of Kerry Jackson-Rider Luxury Wedding Planning and is a leading UK & International Wedding Designer and Planner.
With over 10 years experience in Wedding and Event Planning.

How to find a Bridal Gown within your budget


Like most brides, the thought of searching for the perfect bridal gown can be exciting, stressful, and challenging. It can be exciting that the time for visiting bridal gown boutiques has finally arrived and you will finally see yourself as you’ve always imagined you’d be on your wedding day. As you enter the boutique you will be greeted by bridal gown experts, offered champagne, and whisked away to a private area with three way mirrors, veil options, and plenty of bridal shoe possibilities. Your level of excitement will be beyond explanation as you explain your vision to the experts…only to realize you have no idea what you really want. This is when the stress kicks in. Most brides find it challenging to narrow down the many bridal gown possibilities. After experiencing this with a number of clients, I’ve devised a method in which to assist brides with selecting the perfect bridal gown.

Berta Bridal Gown

Berta Bridal Gown

 First, the most important element when searching for your bridal gown is budget. It is important to determine the percentage of the budget allocated to your bridal attire. This would include the bridal gown, shoes, and all accessories (head piece, jewelry, etc) need to complete your wedding day look. While some brides have a larger budget for this aspect of the wedding, other brides are wanting to remain economical in the sense of where their funds are used for the big day. For brides of the latter, simply consider your budget early in the planning process. Have a chat with your partner, and/or whomever is assisting with funding for your special day. Be sure to discuss any plans to change into reception attire (a increasingly popular trend) as this will need to be included in the budget as well. When the agreed percentage is determined, stick to it, there is nothing worse than budget conflict while planning such a special occasion.
Berta Wedding Gown

Berta Wedding Gown

Second, once the budget for your bridal gown is determined, the next plan of action should be style. Your bridal gown should reflect the feel/theme of your wedding. If your wedding will be of a more formal setting, your bridal gown should have a more formal presentation. On the other hand, if your wedding is informal, vintage, etc, try to pull those details into your gown as this will be a great way to tie in those intricate characteristics. Also, It can be beneficial to consider the season your wedding is scheduled to occur. If getting married in the summer, it may be a good idea to consider lighter fabrics for yourself as well as the wedding party. If your wedding will be held in a cooler climate the opposite is likely best. Regardless of your weddings theme/style you’re sure to find the perfect gown for such a perfect occasion.

Berta Bridals

Berta Bridals

Lastly, it’s time to consider the fit of your gown. The design of your gown is very important when considering how it will flatter your figure. Believe me when I tell you, there is a gown out there for every woman. Whether your tall, short, petite, or full figured, there is a gown waiting for you to give it a whirl. If you’re stuck between more than one style, try on as many options as possible.  Doing this will help you narrow down the most flattering fit, allowing you to then focus on finding the perfect gown in that particular fit. There are a variety of necklines, fabrics, lengths, and silhouettes to choose from but being conscious of what compliments you is most important. It’s perfectly normal to visit multiple boutiques. Doing so will ensure you’ve exhausted as many all options before making your final decision. You only get to wear your wedding dress once in your life, so make sure the gown you choose is a direct representation of your style.

Adhering to these three major tips can guarantee you’ll find a flattering gown, that matches your wedding style, but within your wedding budget.

 Do you have any ideas to  to share? Let us know in your comments.

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Author, Brittany Champion, specializes in weddings and both, formal and informal social affairs. Brittany can help you plan your dream marriage proposal, from the moment you decide to pop the question, to the moment your significant other says, “Yes”!

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{Guest Post}Like a needle in a haystack – Finding the right wedding venue

Weddings are among the biggest events in a person’s life. It’s the most planned for, talked about and photographed event, with the possible exception of having a baby. Nothing else compares to wedding planning in terms of venue, number of people involved and theme decisions. The first big decision, the one that leads into every decision afterward, is the venue. Finding the perfect venue can be like finding a needle in a haystack. But when you do, it’s as good as gold. So what’s the secret to finding the perfect wedding venue?




Begin thinking of and checking out locations for your wedding within a few minutes, (ok that may be pushing it!) or days of having the engagement ring placed on your finger. For many, it may be as simple as the chapel or church where you were baptized.

Wedding location

Wedding location


For others, it’s a much more difficult process. Considerations include whether relatives and friends are local or scattered in far flung locations, various taste and style options, different religions, budget and more.




Considering Budget While Choosing Wedding Venue

Considering Budget While Choosing Wedding Venue

Your budget will have the most impact on your venue choice. Weddings can be as simple and inexpensive as saying “I do” in the backyard on a nice day to intricate and expensive as the ballroom of a castle in Europe. Most brides will fall somewhere in between when choosing a venue. Consider your budget first because the venue can take a big chunk out of it. If you have $25,000 and securing a small yacht for the night takes 35% of it, you’re spreading the budget very thin for other bits.




What size of wedding venue to choose

What size of wedding venue to choose

Yes, size matters, especially regarding the wedding party and number of guests. Will you have a small intimate ceremony or will it remind you of a scene from the classic movie Father of the Bride where all 500 potential guests accept their invitation? In other words, a tiny chapel hidden in the mountains accessible only by dirt roads will not properly accommodate a wedding party and guests above 25-30 people. Nor will it be appropriate to book a 200 couple capacity ballroom for less than half that number of guests.


Wedding Venue ideas

Wedding Venue ideas

Destination weddings have become wildly popular among couples of all ages. The most popular locations include beach settings or boutique hotels  but mountain ranges, tree lined parks and skyscraper rooftops also make for stunning weddings. Many hostels and hotels, both boutique and chain, offer wedding packages that make planning easy and can work with a wide range of budgets.





unique wedding venue

unique wedding venue

When it comes to finding the perfect venue, sometimes thinking outside the box enables you to come up with a brilliant solution. Here are a few suggestions that range from practical and traditional to the adventurous and daring.


  • Chapel / Cathedral
  • Park
  • Quiet city street
  • Sports bar
  • Farm / Ranch
  • Sports stadium
  • Theme park
  • Train / bus station
  • Old town city center
  • Museum
  • Library
  • Boutique hotel
  • Hotel ballroom
  • Restaurant / bar
  • Hostel
  • Sailboat / yacht / houseboat
  • Beach
  • Underwater
  • Ballooning / sky diving


unique wedding locations

unique wedding locations

One couple decided to get married in the chapel of a funeral parlor. The chapel was beautiful and being attached to a funeral home didn’t bother them. In fact, it added the solemnity and hilarity in equal portions as they vowed “till death us do part.” Plus, the staff members were so excited to plan a happy event, they really knocked themselves out to make the wedding special.




When you decide to book a venue and begin the actual process, please don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask a lot of questions, even if you think they’re silly.




  1. What do you suggest as a backup plan to bad weather?


  1. Is the venue handicap accessible?


  1. Is first aid offered?


  1. How close is the nearest hospital?


  1. What kind of wildlife can be seen in the area?




  1. How many staff members will be available?


  1. How many weddings are done in the average month?


  1. What exactly is included in the package price?


  1. How soon do I need to book for a specific month or time of day?


  1. Do you offer catering or have suggestions for a good caterer?


Saying yes to the question “Will you marry me?” was the easy part. Once you sort the venue, you can start planning the invitations, decorations, food, flowers and all the other details that will come together for your special day.

Author Freya Tonks is a PR and Digital Analyst for Pier One Sydney Harbour and specializes in wedding photography, design and hospitality and she enjoys sharing her insights on these areas of expertise.


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