How to Choose and Use Your Wedding Flowers for Maximum Effect

Author Kerry Jackson-Rider 
White Wedding Flowers

White Wedding Flowers


Wedding flowers will generally account for around 5% of your overall 
wedding budget although some people like to make a beautiful floral 
display a priority ( I have known people spend £135,000 on their 
wedding flowers!) and some people will try to avoid using fresh flowers 
at all for a variety of reasons and use sweet trees, brooch bouquets 
etc. However much or little you choose to spend there are a few simple 
things you can do to make sure that you get the best value for your 
money and this includes using flowers in season and, at the very least, 
re-siting them from the ceremony venue to the reception venue. This is 
where having a good relationship with your florist will really pay 
dividends as they will advise you what flowers will work best in each 
situation taking into account the time of day, duration required, 
lighting, seasonality, cost etc. I always advocate re-cycling your 
flowers wherever possible - it is always possible!
Floral Pew Markers Aisle Decor

Floral Pew Markers Aisle Decor

Re-cycling your Wedding Flowers. 

I personally love lots of flowers at weddings and think that they can 
really add the WOW! factor BUT I do always try to make sure that 
ceremony flowers can be taken to the reception venue and re-sited and, 
at the end of the evening, they are given to aunties, nans etc. or held 
over to be used at a brunch or BBQ the following day. We have even 
taken arrangements to a retirement home (on the instructions of the 
bride and groom of course) so that more people could enjoy them after 
the wedding. Even if money is no object it does seem a little crazy to 
spend £2,000 on a beautiful floral archway which can’t then be 
transported or re-used during your celebrations and ends up in the bin 
in a matter of hours. Unless you have plans to re-use or distribute 
your flowers after the wedding, they may possibly be perceived as a 
waste of money and moreover a waste in general if they are going 
straight into the bin. A little bit of extra thought and planning with 
your florist (and your wedding planner if you have one) will help you 
to make the most of your flower budget and usage.
Purple Bridal Bouquet

Purple Bridal Bouquet

Floral Arrangements.
I would always recommend you go as BIG as you can afford with your 
aisle and table top flowers as they are a sure way to make maximum 
impact, create the WOW! Factor and give a true look and feel of luxury. 
I also know that many people feel they are very expensive. My favorite 
luxury flowers include pink peonies and white hydrangeas, roses in all 
colors and sizes but especially nude, blush, cream and white, calla 
lilies and orchids. A way to keep costs down and to get more for your 
money is to choose flowers which are in season at the time of your 
wedding and a quick chat with your florist will help you to determine 
what is available. It is also worth checking with them in advance of 
actually booking your wedding date since if you have set your heart on 
incorporating a specific flower or color of that flower into your 
designs you may have to choose your date accordingly. Here is a very 
brief guide to the seasonality of flowers for you.

Spring (March – May)
Cherry blossom (I love!), calla lily, orchid, peony, ranunculus, rose

Summer (June-August)
Ranunculus, rose, hydrangea, calla lily

Autumn (September – November)
Gerbera daisy, lily, orchid, roses, sunflower

Winter (December – February)

Gerbera daisy, lily, orchid, roses

A soft shade of red is a striking and topical color for wedding 
flowers around St Valentine's Day and Christmas and works well when 
teamed with white or cream and gold accessories such as votives, 
candelabra or tableware which will add warmth. I personally also love 
the use of trees for both inside and outside wedding settings and am a 
big fan of floral aisle walkways and the use of topiary especially 
inside and just outside of marquees.
Floral Reception Table Centerpieces

Floral Reception Table Centerpieces

Wedding Wreaths, Wedding Arches, Wedding Walls, Wedding Ceilings and 
As well as bridal bouquets, buttonholes, bridesmaids' posies and your 
aisle and table top floral arrangements there are many creative ways of 
incorporating flowers to create the WOW! factor at weddings. Here are a 
few of my current favorites with the floral wreath featuring on a 
chair back and, in heart-shaped form, hanging from a tree.
Peachy pink wreath on chair

Peachy pink wreath on chair

Hanging Floral heart

Hanging Floral heart


Wedding Petal Aisle Runners


flower petal aisle design

flower petal aisle design


A Floral Cascade
How fabulous is this??

Floral cascade

Floral cascade

A Wedding Ceiling of Flower
(don't try this at home folks!)
Wedding ceiling flowers

Wedding ceiling flowers

Wedding Floral Archways

Wedding Floral Archways

Wedding Floral Archways


I hope you have found some inspiration through this brief foray into 
the beautiful world of Wedding Flowers. Be sure to find yourself a 
great florist who will listen and help you to achieve the effect you 
are looking for through your floral arrangements.
Do call or email me if I can be of help in any way. 
Happy planning!
Kerry xx
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Author Kerry is the founder and owner of Kerry Jackson-Rider Luxury Wedding Planning and is a leading UK & International Wedding Designer and Planner.
With over 10 years experience in Wedding and Event Planning.


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Date: October 14, 2014

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Comments: 2

  1. Allessa Wells November 8, 2016 at 12:13 AM Reply

    I would spend such amount of money for flower arrangements on my wedding day, yes I would! This is a once in a lifetime experience. So please do excuse me for spending more money JUST for flowers. Isn’t it totally worth it?? Well, it is! Choosing seasonal flowers sounds great. It’s either we matching our wedding date to when our favourite flowers blooming time or we pick flowers from whatever flower available on our wedding date. Either way, everything is fine as long as we have flowers arrangement in our wedding! Sometimes we need to stop being frugal! Oh and we need a great wedding performers too.

  2. Robert June 5, 2015 at 1:32 AM Reply

    Very interesting. This is certainly a most excellent reason in order to use as a sign of eternal marriage. Flowers are a symbol of the purity and the true bond of marriage. and it certainly needs to be made in detail in accordance with the desired wedding theme. nice post.

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