How To Bond With Your Mother-In-Law

As the old jokes and sitcoms tell it, one of the biggest problems in every marriage is the relationship between bride and her mother in-law. They think they can still take better care of their sons than their wives can.

Fortunately, few marriages these days receive much involvement of mother in-laws, but the problem can still arise. When it does, you need to know what you’re looking at and come up with ways of understanding her, and try to respect her presence so that she can also respect you.

Although, building strong relationship with your mother in-law may not be an easy task, however there are way to handle the situation perfectly.

getting along with your mother-in-law

getting along with your mother-in-law


It is true that a mother in-law can be a bit difficult when it comes to sharing her precious son with another woman.

One way she can do that is by treating her daughter in-law as if she doesn’t exist and isn’t even in the room.

It may be that she’s just being nervous around this new person in her life and her new role in her son’s life, and if your husband is paying more attention to her than to you, it might just be his years of caring about his mother’s feeling that are just coming into play.

Give him and her benefit of doubt because there has always been a relationship between the two of them, and most men just aren’t good at finding themselves caught between two women.

Bride, Groom & Mom

Bride, Groom & Mom

Never expect your new mother in-law to accept you immediately into the bosom of her family. Many of them are more likely to make you feel like an outside and no part of the family at all. Just do not allow yourself to get involved in the game.
Be courteous and give her time. Don’t try to forge a strong bond that really isn’t even there yet. Let her get to know you, and most likely she’ll have a change of heart someday.

If not, console yourself with the fact that she won’t always be in your lives and that eventually you will have your husband all to yourself

Some mother in-laws seem to take it for granted that their sons are still going to come at their beck and call. This can really hurt you, but try not to let your feelings get the best of you.

Your new married relationship is different for everyone involved, and it’s going to take some time for you and everyone involved to get used to the altered arrangement.

Mother-In-Law Problems

Mother-In-Law Problems


You and your mother in-law can have a civil relationship as long as you take her behavior in stride.

Whenever she comes around, try to joke with her, tell her few things you cherish about your husband, this will make her happy.

And whenever she is gone, try to reach her on the phone at least 2-3 a week. During your leisure time, you can even pay her a visit.

Mother and daughter-in-law bonding

Mother and daughter-in-law bonding

If all these tips are being put into consideration, you can be rest assured of winning your mother in-law’s heart and build the best of relationship with her.

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Date: March 1, 2017

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