{Featured} Venera B. from ClayMeArt

Today we have an amazingly talented Vendor to feature, Venera B from ClayMeArt. 
Her beautiful work left me in awe,the flowers are so realistic and so delicately made, 
the quality top notch! these wedding flowers unlike
real flowers, will stay a memorable keepsake for years to come, what a unique piece to own and cherish. 
We asked her a few questions about her work style andideas. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

When and how did you become interested in your field of work?
Venera B: It all began from the moment my husband brought me to the local craft store. 
I was so stunned by the variety of products. Where I was born and raised there 
weren't much of a specialized stores for crafters/artists. 
I felt as if I was a kid in the candy store wanting to try every product. 
My first purchase there was polymer clay. After that day I can't even imaging my life without sculpting.
How long have you been in this business?
Venera B: It's been almost a year since I started my business. I was so involved in a learning process 
that time flew in a blink of an eye.

What 3 words describe your work?
Venera B: meticulous, unique, meaningful

What are some sources of inspiration or influences on your work?
Venera B: I am inspired by nature's harmony and beauty.

How large, or established, is the business/organization you currently govern? 
Are you looking to grow?
Venera B: My business is very small, at least for now. It is run by a team of myself and my husband. 
As all small business owners I want my business to grow and succeed. I wear a lot of hats at ClayMeArt 
and I do wish I had more time to focus on sculpting rather than marketing, accounting and etc. 
I am looking towards the day when brides, moms, daughters and women in general have my clay flowers 
on their weddings, Mother’s Days and etc. I would love to see my floral arrangements 
decorating people's homes, offices, restaurants and so on. These are my expansion goals.

Tell us about your most recent project? What was the most difficult and/or 
relaxed aspect of it? 
Venera B: My recent project was floral hair wreath. The process I would say was pretty easy and 
very relaxed probably because it wasn't the first time I was sculpting roses. The only obstacle I faced 
was achieving the right color palette that I had in mind.
Handcrafted Clay Flowers - Hair Wreath of Roses

Handcrafted Clay Flowers – Hair Wreath of Roses

What sets your business/ organization apart from others of an identical nature?
Venera B: It is a product of love. So many emotions, feelings and personal care 
are put into each of my creations. I don't think there is any identical product on the market.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
Venera B: I like to see how ideas come to life and I love getting customers' reaction 
which is very rewarding. 

What are common misconceptions about your services?
Venera B: I don't think there are any

If you could have any superpower on the job, what would it be?
Venera B: Only if I had telepathic abilities I would know exactly what 
my customers want when they place custom order. It would make the whole process so much faster. 
Oh, well, girl can dream.

Are you a home based business? Or have you established your own office space?
Venera B: I am a home based business. There is usually no one at home all day so I can be 
fully concentrated on my creative process.

Where do you see yourself in next 3-5 years?
Venera B: I would like my products to be in bridal stores. I am planning to 
learn new sculpting techniques and open a studio where I can pass on my skills.

Your most successful/best selling product ?
Venera B: My most successful product has been lilac. Roughly 1400 flowers and buds 
have gone in this bouquet. It took me two months to complete but final result was amazing.

Handcrafted Clay Flowers - Kaleidoscope of Lilacs

Handcrafted Clay Flowers – Kaleidoscope of Lilacs

Check out some of the beautiful products from ClayMeArt
Handcrafted Clay Flowers - Raspberry Wreath

Handcrafted Clay Flowers – Raspberry Wreath

Handcrafted Clay Flowers - Whimsical Gardenias

Handcrafted Clay Flowers – Whimsical Gardenias

Handcrafted Clay Flowers - Milky Way

Handcrafted Clay Flowers – Milky Way


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Date: March 20, 2014

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